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AstroTurf: Pro-Abortion Protesters were Paid Recruits from Craigslist


( – A grassroots political consulting group, whose major clients include the Democratic National Committee (DNC), was recruiting individuals on Craigslist and offering to pay them $1,300 to $2,200 a month to “protect women’s rights” in Austin, Texas for their client, Planned Parenthood.

The ads, entitled “Keep America Pro-Choice” and “You Don’t Need To Filibuster To Stand Up To Anti-Pro Choice Politicians,” were placed on Craigslist by Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., for Planned Parenthood, a Grassroots spokeswoman confirmed to

The phone number on the ad shown below was first posted on July 1, but has since been deleted. It directed readers to call the Colorado-based political consulting group at their Austin location for more information, not Planned Parenthood. Read more at


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