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Friends for Life: Dennis Rodman and Tyrant Kim Jong-un

Recently it has been in the news that former NBA star Dennis Rodman has visited North Korea and made “friends” with the state’s tyrant Kim Jong-un. His praise for this dictatorship is sickening and brings to mind Walter Durante’s praise of the murderous Stalin in the 1930s.

North Korea
North Korea at night. It’s a dark place in more ways than one.

Rodman is praising a country with one of the worst human rights records in history. North Korea is ranked as unfree by Freedom House, and is at the very bottom of the Democracy Index. This country has hundreds of thousands in concentration and forced labor camps where thousands of men, women, and children perish each day. People are sent to these camps if they are thought to be unloyal or they are Christian. Survivor testimonials tell of of torture, rape, murder, forced abortions, and the murdering of the disabled as routine.

John T. Chance is the pseudonym of a student attending a state college. His interests are current events, political history, and military history. While a voracious reader, he has also written opinion and feature stories for his school newspaper.

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