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Local Sheriffs are Under Oath to Support the Constitution Before Federal Gun Control Laws

The announcement was made on Tuesday that Senator Dianne Feinstein won’t get to take away your assault weapons (at least for now) due to a decision by Harry Reid not to include her ban in a package of gun control measures he will introduce for a vote on the Senate floor.  Now, it’s pretty clear that the Democrats were worried – rightly so – that their intrusive gun-grabbing shenanigans would cost some Senate Democrats from red states their reelections in 2014.

Joe Arpaio
Sheriff Joe Arpaio made it clear he is under oath to support the U.S. Constitution, which includes the Second Amendment before enforcing federal gun control laws.

But it wasn’t just political maneuverings that temporarily foiled the assault weapons ban.  Amidst all the lunacy on Capitol Hill, local sheriffs were taking matters into their own hands to protect and defend their people against this dangerous abuse of power by the federal government.  As of this writing, 15 sheriffs associations and 380 local sheriffs have vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution and their people.  A list of all the sheriffs who are standing up against new gun regulations can be found here, but below is a snapshot of the local sheep ready to take on the wolves from Washington:

In New Mexico, 30 of the state’s 33 county sheriffs have reminded state lawmakers that they are under oath to support the U.S. Constitution, and that includes the Second Amendment. previously reported that 28 of the 29 sheriffs in Utah sent a letter to President Obama stating that they will not enforce any new gun laws they believe to be unconstitutional.

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