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“Nanny” Bloomberg Knuckles Under

Big Gulp
The Big Gulp is back. New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling has struck down New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s big gulp ban on large sugary drinks.

Mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg, who makes Ayn Rand seem like Mary Poppins, recently had his ban on sodas larger than 16 ounces overturned. This latest ban follows his past actions of getting salt and trans-fats banned, restricting painkillers to emergency room patients and formula for new mothers.

John T. Chance is the pseudonym of a student attending a state college. His interests are current events, political history, and military history. While a voracious reader, he has also written opinion and feature stories for his school newspaper.

One thought on ““Nanny” Bloomberg Knuckles Under

  1. First off, don’t you mean that he makes Ayn Rand look like Mary Poppins?

    But more importantly, would somebody tell me where it is written in black and white that some insane control freak like Bloomberg has the authority to do these kinds of things, or even ATTEMPT to do them?

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