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Q&A With Michael Rivero – The Man Behind WhatReallyHappened

1-800-Politics recently caught up with the founder of and the host of the WhatReallyHappened Radio Show Micheal Rivero. Michael was kind enough to answer some questions regarding WRH and shared his thoughts on several political topics.

Q: What is your background and how did come about?

MR: My background is a blend of science and show business. I worked for NASA right out of high school, then transitioned to the then-new field of computer animation in film.  As for WRH it happened entirely by accident. I was working in my own small animation shop and watching the TV news on one channel of the video switcher, and spotted the photo purportedly showing the hand of White House deputy counsel with the gun he supposedly shot himself with.  Since creating realistic-looking fakes for film was then my prime business, it was obvious the photo was staged. The next day, at work at a company that shared the same building as CNN’s Hollywood division, I shared what I had found with co-workers while at lunch, and I clearly remember some people from CNN at the next table listening intently to me as I pointed out all the things wrong with that photo.  That night, we started getting death threats and my career in Hollywood evaporated.  Since I suddenly had a lot of free time on my hands I started digging further and found proof in the FBI’s FD-302 forms of a clear attempt to trick Foster’s widow into identifying the dark blued revolver found with Foster’s body as the “silver colored” (FBI’s description) gun Vince Foster inherited from his father.  That led to me starting my first truth blog as a sub-page on my now otherwise useless animation page, which then spun off as a separate website, Rancho Runnamukka, then eventually became

What Really Happened
Michael Rivero hosts the popular WhatReallyHappened Rado Show (Mon-Fri) on Republic Broadcasting Network

Q: I noticed WRH there is a focus on conspiracy theories, is that the theme of WRH?  What message are you trying to convey to your audience?

MR: The phrase “conspiracy theory” is used as a pejorative to dismiss those who question the official story, yet history proves that there are conspiracies and the official story is usually junk.  The “theme” of my website is that the Constitution does not give the government and right to lie to the people, and a skeptical people are more free than people who simply accept whatever the government and corporate media feed them every day.

Q: What would you consider to be the most obvious U.S. government conspiracy?

MR: The claim that there are no U.S. Government conspiracies. 

Q: For those of us who are not familiar with you and WHR, what are your political leanings?  What does Michael Rivero stand for?  Do you support the Democrats or Republicans or do you believe they are equally bad and are both in cahoots trying to destroy this country?  Who can be trusted?

MR: I am, or was, an hereditary Republican from New Hampshire. My grandfather was drinking buddies with Richard Nixon. Today I like to joke that in looking at the Republicans and Democrats, anarchy is looking like a good choice. Seriously, I would say I am a political pragmatist, middle of the road, and like Thomas Jefferson I feel that smaller government is better. Government ought to be limited to doing for the community what the community needs but cannot do for itself. Our present system has devolved from that high ideal and become quite fascist, in the context that fascism represents the uniting of financial and government power against the general population (Mussolini’s definition).

Q: Events over the last decade such as the rise of radical Islam, on going political turmoil in the Middle East, threats from Iran and North Korea, the rise of China and the global economic recession, is WWIII right around the corner?

MR: WW3 is right around the corner but Islam has little to do with it. Every time this nation’s privately-owned Ponzi-scheme bank gets into trouble, they trigger a world war to get our. Crash of 1907, WW1. Crash of 1929, WW2. Crash of 2008, WW3. Keep in mind that prior to the creation of the Federal Reserve, there was no such thing as a world war.  China is indeed a factor, but only in that their gold-backed Yuan is a direct threat to the US dollar’s global hegemony.  See for more on this topic.

Q: What needs to happen to get back to peace time or is it too late?  Are terrorist attacks such as 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing and mass murders such as Aurora, Co and Newtown the new reality?

MR: All terror attacks are fakes.  If a group seeks change in society they need public support. Hence they will not commit acts that damage that support. Let’s take George Washington and Thomas Jefferson trying to kick out the British. Would they go around shooting school children and burning churches? Of course not. Every “terror” attack is carried out by third parties to demonize those seeking socio-political change, or to start a war. The Lavon Affair is a classic textbook example. Israel bombed US and British assets in Egypt and planted evidence to frame Egyptian Muslims.  Hitler’s Reichstag fire is another example. So is Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty (initially blamed on Egypt). As for getting back to peace time,  we are well past the time where the US could be saved. The US Government has gone too far down the road to WW3 to turn back, they are too trapped by all the lies they have to protect, and they will never voluntarily break free of the FED.  We are going to have to ride out the crash of private central banking (while avoiding a nuclear war) and start the nation over from scratch. Thomas Jefferson actually predicted that, due to human nature and political power attracting those who should not be allowed to have it, that the government he crafted would not survive forever but would eventually have to be replaced by the people.

Q: What is your opinion of the Mainstream media how they report the news and try to control the narrative?  Who has more influence on the news cycle traditional media(newspapers, cable and broadcast news) or online media(news/political websites, bloggers and podcasts)?

MR: The corporate news is controlled by their corporate owners, influenced by advertisers,  and covertly steered by various government operations such as the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD. Judging by audience numbers and ad revenues, they are already in decline, and only a few weeks ago Rasmussen reported a poll that showed more Americans getting their political news from independent media than form the corporate feeds.

Q: In closing can you give our audience at 1-800-Politics several reasons to visit and listen to your Radio show?

MR: I encourage everyone to obtain the facts from as many different sources as possible then make their own choices. Since that whopper about Saddam’s nuclear weapons was exposed, people have become skeptical and that is a good thing. History shows that everyone who was lied to, betrayed, or double-crossed had it done to them by someone they thought they could trust. The moral is not to trust anyone, not even me, because I can make mistakes as much as the next guy. YOU are your own best analyst.

Stephen Beadencup is the Co-Founder and Editor of 1-800-Politics. You can contact Mr. Beadencup at

4 thoughts on “Q&A With Michael Rivero – The Man Behind WhatReallyHappened

  1. I for one visit his webb site at least three times a day (I’m retired, yes I do have the time) a place where the new real news appears at least every two hours…….

    “When the truth comes into the light, the lies will always run and hide”… Ponce


  2. I come to your website exactly for what you said there, many sources.

    Not sure how the president and the fcc get away with it, but the good news is, lately everything on all the alphabet channels has gone beyond all reality. Even radio is surreal.

    One day I hear about man hunt for 9 year old girl, next day it’s an 8 year old girl and they might as well say she had 5 brothers instead of one brother who is 5. Meanwhile the cops are running around again like chickens who just had their heads cut off. The corporate media drives this hype with music and chopper scenes. Frankly I’ve not seen evidence anyone’s been killed in the first place. Do I think it happened? Sure, it probably happened, it feels like it happened, but again how do we really know anymore? They won’t show a body over the air in HD. With all the lies from officials lately how do you really know?

    So along comes a site like yours. I don’t get to post here for most of the year, cause well, I don’t really donate, I don’t deserve to. But since I see the chance in this thread, I took it, so you know…. Your work is appreciated by some of us out here who may only be known to you in your log files as an IP number.

    Also, there are a lot of us out here who also do have skills to do public access tv shows across the country, but there still doesn’t seem to be the tipping point in support, with Youtube/Google Cracking down on some of my most favorite people out there (like you) this is a real dilemma we head into.

    Meanwhile the spies can analyze our predicament, and make things all the less friendly for us by sharing snooped up data. From the Trenches guy has webhosting trouble right now for example.

    I hate this unconstitutional crap, and the damage the banksters have done. In the big picture, through a bunch of nanny state weasel crap, they’ve turned most cops against the people thru their sick new law of the land. Missing the Constitution and Bill of Rights. DHS can not exist with the US Constitution and bill of rights. That’s why everything is screwed up, they can’t even tell you what the law of the land IS anymore.

    None at the top, holding office, or LEO carrying guns don’t obey the law, why should we?

    Look at the Constitution in the past decade, so why isn’t there a over-crowding problem at Ft Leavenworth? I know, You know.

    God Bless.

  3. One of the best things about the false flag attacks is that you can see what happened with your own eyes and weed through all the crap that the gatekeepers, cointel operators and talking heads spew out.

    This latest false flag in Boston was so screwed up that the govt has turned up the pressure on their operatives to cover their ass. It has taken them years to set up this network of covert alternative media gatekeepers and they’re willing to blow it all exposing them as liars. The list of these exposed liars is growing daily. Alex Jones, Ryan Dawson, Jeff Rense, Devvy Kidd, and even Michael Rivero. While not directly lying Rivero publishes liars daily, like Ryan Dawson, who without WRH would never see the light of day.

    1. Watchin' ya from the other side

      - Edit

      You’re good at running restaurant business and tinkering with old cars. You’re advised to excel at what you do and leave truth-seeking to truth-seekers.

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