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Rogue Cop Christopher Dorner is a Piers Morgan Fan and Obama Supporter

Los Angeles police launched a manhunt Thursday for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, who is suspected of murdering two people last weekend and killing one person and wounding another in a shooting Thursday morning. A lengthy manifesto on Dorner’s  page states his support for President Barack Obama and CNN host , and his hatred of both the National Rifle Association and former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Dorner is suspected of shooting at two LAPD officers in Corona, Calif. on Thursday and then firing on two LAPD officers in Riverside, killing one. He is wanted in the murders of Monica Quan and her fiance Keith Lawrence, who were found dead Sunday evening.

Quan was reportedly the daughter of an LAPD captain who failed to save Dorner’s job after Dorner was accused of making a false report against a training officer. Dorner, who alleged that the training officer exhibited brutality while making an arrest, was reportedly removed from the LAPD.

The manifesto, reportedly 22 pages long, expressed the suspected killer’s support for President Obama and anti-gun CNN host Piers Morgan.


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