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The Criminal Behavior of the IRS

Criminal Behavior of the IRS

Along with the Benghazi scandal, two new scandals have engulfed the Obama White House. The Department of Justice was found to have seized the phone records of the Associated Press and the IRS was found to have been targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny and harassment. Tea Party or Conservative groups who were seeking non-profit status were singled out for extensive, intrusive, and illegal questionnaires. Including asking an educational group the names of it’s students, a pro-life group about the content of the prayers, and asking the same group’s leaders to sign a pledge that they would not protest Planned Parenthood clinics. They also singled out a pro-Israel Jewish group, and an agent told the group that they were being reviewed to see if their positions aligned with the Administration.

The IRS has the power to ruin an American’s life and it has become blatantly partisan and corrupt, it is already clear that knowledge of this practice reached the upper echelons of the IRS and some are wondering if it went even higher. These people used government power to harass and intimidate Americans with different views from their own and from the Administration. This is not acceptable not only should these people lose their jobs, they should be brought up on criminal charges and Congress should begin a major reorganization of the IRS.

John T. Chance is the pseudonym of a student attending a state college. His interests are current events, political history, and military history. While a voracious reader, he has also written opinion and feature stories for his school newspaper.

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