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Welfare Abuse: From Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania Avenue

Welfare spending has increased by 32% under President Obama.  More people are receiving welfare benefits now then when Obama first took office.  Let’s also not forget that food stamp participation is at a record high under President Obama.  The Obama administration has made the social welfare safety net into a hammock.  With the lack of economic growth due to Obama’s failed economic policies, the national debt at $16 trillion and the unemployment rate stubbornly hovering near 8% it might be time to investigate the Obama administration’s mismanagement and abuse of taxpayer dollars.

What do you think of someone who is on welfare?  One thought is that the individual is scamming the system and that welfare abuse is rampant!  Who is responsible for the abuse, the government, the recipient or both?

The Case of Pennsylvania

A prime example of welfare abuse happened in Pennsylvania during Democrat Governor Ed Rendell’s time in office. Spending for public welfare ballooned under Rendell.  In the year 2010-2011, Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare was set to receive a payment of $482 million for spending. This was an increase of 68.2% in public welfare spending from 2003 when Rendell took office. This dramatic increase was a worrisome factor for the Department of Public Welfare. This encouraged Pennsylvania’s House Republican Policy Committee to investigate on the cause of welfare fraud.

Pennsylvania’s Auditor General Jack Wagner, found out that more than $1 billion was misspent. Programs that were found out to be in this fraud were the Special Allowance Program, LIHEAP, and Medicaid programs.  Let’s focus on these programs in depth to get an insight of what actually happened, and why these programs were part of the welfare fraud during Rendell’s time in office.

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