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What Did The Boston Bombing Teach Us? Terrorism Has No Boundaries

There is so much to take away from the act of terror that took place in Boston, Massachusetts on April 15, 2013. The saddest part of these new lessons in terrorism is that it has no boundaries. An innocent eight year old boy was one of the casualties.

Neither one of the three casualties are any less significant. My heart goes out to the families of all the victims. Krystle Campbell was a 29 year old waitress from Arlington, Massachusetts. Lingzi Lu was a 23 year old student from China studying at Boston University. And Martin Richard was an 8 year old son of a marathon runner from Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Martin Richard’s death is no more significant than the others. But, it does bring to reality that terrorism has no boundaries. We, of the civil world who agree to go to war on civil terms, it may sound ironic but we do have rules. Among them, innocent civilians are supposed to be protected. But, it’s especially true with innocent children. This act of terrorism has opened our eyes that there are no rules.

Terrorism has no boundaries
The reality of terrorism is that everyone is fair game.

But, I personally believe that the fact a child was one of the casualties is the reason no terrorist organization has claimed involvement. When we learned who the suspects were, it was reported that they had received training. It is part of the available information that they belong to a cell, and that they have received training from one of the many training camps that occupy rural territories throughout what has been reported as the Russian countryside.

I’m sure in the days to come, we’ll be able to narrow down this information to be more specific and accurate. We are just going with what we know at this point. What this teaches me is that terrorists are not only so cowardly that they would allow their rudimentary weapons of terror to endanger a child’s life, but that they won’t claim involvement like they normally do when they are proud of their accomplishment. I’m rather certain that even of the people who support terrorist activity, popularity would drop if they knew the organization they support was responsible for the death of an innocent child.

And we’ve learned so much more than that! We’ve learned some awfully frightening details, but we’ve also learned some very positive facts as well. Among the frightening details is that we don’t know who the enemy is. We can’t pick him out in a crowd. He goes to school with us. He wrestles on the wrestling team. And it appears he might even smoke pot a few times. Terrorism can blend in like the average guy next door with his baseball hat and hoodie.

Michael Allen is the author of A River in the Ocean, a heartwarming father and daughter story. He has written several screenplays as well. But often, he comments on current events and gives readers a perspective they might not have thought of before.

7 thoughts on “What Did The Boston Bombing Teach Us? Terrorism Has No Boundaries

  1. I see we have the “Blame America first” trolls submitting conspiracy propaganda. Let’s call this for what it is, Jihad! Once again Radical Islam has reared it’s ugly head. If their is to blame to go around, blame the Obama admin and the liberal MSM for not having the guts to call the bombing for what it is. Tim and Michael, please take off the tin foil burkas and open up the doors to your doomsday bunkers for some fresh air.

    1. Don’t you wish that Americans feel so great about their country that they would take the bull by the horns and “jihad” these bad Muslims. Jucie here’s your enlistment papers, gun and parachute and show us how it’s done.

      Remember they tear of the tags from their mattresses and they hate us for our freedom to pay taxes on 35 million dollar jets to drop 20 thousand dollar bombs on ten dollar tents. Stick to the lame stream media and flock with the mass holes.

      1. Eric, I have a better idea, let’s send you over to the Middle East for a beer summit with Hamas and all the other Muslim radicals and just explain to them that it’s all just one big misunderstanding. Don’t be so Naive! Morally equating the U.S. to radical Islamist is intellectually dishonest and makes you a fraud. Know your history before you run your mouth. When it comes to fighting evil I’d rather have my tax dollars go towards dropping bombs than dropping relief boxes.

    2. The Islamophobes show up every time terrorism arises, but unfortunately, they haven’t gotten the memo from Director FBI Mueller who 6 months after 9-11 admitted that there was no hard evidence that Arab or Muslims had been involved in the Attack on America. In fact, he admitted that there was good evidence that ID theft was involved. That means that while we don’t know WHO did 9-11, we DO KNOW WHO THE TERRORISTS WANTED US TO THINK WERE THE TERRORISTS.

      Now who do you suppose THAT might be???

  2. No one was harmed in the Boston Marathon bomb drill, director Steven Spielberg, saw to that. Do a web search and you will see him wearing the official windbreaker on the scene assisting in the production.

    Official time lapse photography at the finish line captured paraplegic actor, Nick Vogt, pushed across the finish line and then after adjusting the prosthetic injured leg, they pushed him back to ground zero and replayed the heroic scene again. Yes, just like the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima, the photo was a fake.

    Boston (Wicked) Strong!! Boo-yeah!!

  3. Very sad for the future of our nation that people such as Michael Allen fall for and unwittingly accept the lies fed to us by an out of control government via such phony events as the Boston “bombing”. I would be surprised if Martin Richard and Krystie Campbell even exist let alone are deceased. Maybe the lie is just too big and the evil too all encompassing for people such as Michael Allen to comprehend.

  4. I think it would be more accurate to state that false-flag terrorism, carried out by the government against its own people to justify wars of aggression, knows no boundaries.

    Throughout all of history, every leader who ever wanted to start a war had to trick their own people into it. Whether it is Hitler burning the Reichstag, Johnson lying about torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin, Israel attacking USS Liberty and framing Egypt, or any of the other well-documented frauds, the it is a universal truth’ all wars are started with lies and deceptions by those who want war against those who will be sent to fight therm.

    Right now the US Government is desperate for a world war. Every time the privately owned Ponzi-scheme central bank gets into trouble, a world war is seen as the best way out. Crash of 1907, WW1. Crash of 1929, WW2. Crash of 2008, and look how many nations the US has invaded with no end in sight.

    Ever stop to think that before the creation of the Federal Reserve, there was no such thing as a world war?

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