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Zero Tolerance: Zero Common Sense

Recently in the news there have been dozens of stories of small children being punished for the smallest infraction of the ill-conceived zero tolerance ban on anything that is even remotely gun-like at public schools. Five or six year old children have been suspended, threatened with expulsion, had black marks put on their records or worst of all been threatened with police action.

Hello Kitty Bubble Gun
A 5 year old was recently suspended at school for talking about her bubble gun.

Everything from a little girl with a Hello Kitty bubble gun, to a boy throwing an imaginary grenade at the “forces of evil” (in his own words he was “dispended”), to a boy who ate his Pop-Tart into a vaguely gun-like shape. It is ridiculous these kids are just playing and they have been scared to death by nut-case administrators and some parents are even forced to use legal action to keep their child’s life from being ruined by these people.

Note to school administrators: It is perfectly NORMAL for children to play cops and robbers or have pretend gunfights, it has been happening for CENTURIES. Just because these so-called educators are unnerved by the idea of guns, does not mean children should be punished for playing, have their records ruined, or police involvement. Anytime someone sees police officers escorting a sobbing kindergartner out of school for “terroristic threats” they should realize there is something seriously wrong with our schools and our society in general

John T. Chance is the pseudonym of a student attending a state college. His interests are current events, political history, and military history. While a voracious reader, he has also written opinion and feature stories for his school newspaper.

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